Concrete Grind & Polish
Decorative Concrete Boston, MA

Concrete Grinding & Polishing Services
For the Boston, MA; Providence, RI & New England Areas

A concrete grind and polish job can mean you’ll never have to worry about having to wax or coat your flooring again. At Advanced Concrete Coatings, our crew has the polishing equipment and expertise to grind concrete floor surfaces to a high-gloss finish.
Polishing is a multi-step process, which means we can polish to your preferences.

Polishing concrete is not a DIY project. It is a job best left to professionals, like us, because it requires expertise and heavy-duty grinding machinery to achieve the right degree of shine and smoothness.

Instead of New Concrete Coatings, Consider Polishing!

Most concrete can be polished; keep in mind there are some exceptions. Flooring with lots of cracks, uneven areas, or ones in need of serious patching typically will not be able to be polished. If you aren’t sure about your concrete, our experts can determine if your flooring would be suitable for a grind and polish job.

If you are interested in our grinding and polishing service in the Providence, RI or Boston, MA areas, call (508) 293-1051 today and we can provide you with a free estimate!

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